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Spray Tan Info

the longevity of spray tans are 50% based off the clients Pre & Post care and 50% your spray tan artist
Please read over the pre and post care to acheive the perfect tan, every time.


*book your appointment 1-2 days before your event

*Please know that your tan will be one on one in a private room with the esthetician. No judgement is ever made behind my door. I never want anyone to feel ashamed or insecure. My goal is to create a comfortable environment and make you feel beautiful and confident.

Before your appointment please decide if you want to do the tan nude (this is ideal for zero tan lines), with provided disposable backless bra and thong(very minimal lines)(good to see the color difference), or with your own under garments. This can be whatever you are comfortable in, just keep in mind where the tan lines will be. Anyway you choose is perfectly fine. You will have a private space and a few minutes to yourself to undress and get prepared for your spray.

-  hydrate and drink water in the days leading up to your appointment

- keep your skin moisturized for at least 2 days prior to your appointment day

- thoroughly exfoliate 12-24 hours before 

-avoid HOT water, opt for cool or warm

-ideally, shave or wax 12-24 hours ahead and end shower with cold rinse to close pores

-do not apply or come into salon with any products on day of, no lotion, no oils, no deodorant( will turn you green),no makeup, no perfume

-schedule all other appointments before your tan. facials, waxing, nails, lashes, brows etc... spray is last.

-bring loose clothing to change into afterwards


- you will be able to get on the body dryer in salon but you will need to continue to dry after leaving the salon. Do not shower, sweat, use a suana, or get wet within the first 24 hours 

-the longer you let it dry and soak into the skin the longer it will last

-you may apply a loose setting powder in any area you are afraid of sweating to protect it

-anywhere you see an imperfection(a line, a streak, darker in one area) (this is rare but just incase) dont freak out, after the first shower everything blends seamlessly

-after the 24 hours feel free to shower and shave as normal. Avoid exfoliation, as you want the tan to last.

-after your first shower and every single day after, MOISTURIZE heavily. keep the tan hydrated to prevent flaking or scaley looking skin. The goal is to have the tan FADE. Not flake off. This only happens if your skin is dry. sometimes its just unavoidable if we have drier skin. When you see this start to happen you are at the end of your tan and can go ahead and exfoliate the rest off and come back in for a fresh one.

-With proper pre and post care your tan should last flawlessly 7-10days

If you want to regularly keep up with spray tanning please get on a plan with me for special discount pricing.

All Spray products are all natural, vegan friendly & cruelty free. Violet based to cancel out any orange tones. No harsh chemicals or smells.

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