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these are some services we offer. More detailed and specialized services can be found by clicking the "click here to book a service" button located near the bottom of this page.


Specializing in skincare, we offer a broad range of extensive facials. Weather you`re looking to treat the skin or just relax and unwind with a face and neck massage, we are positive you will love one of our many facials. All facials are customized to your skin type after a skin analysis. Extra features can be added on to any facial. Our Full Fox Facial gives you the ultimate treatment of the skin and relaxing experience 

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Laser Lipo Cavitation works by sending ultrasound waves to break up the fat cells, a vacuum to move them and a warm high frequency radiation to initiate lymphatic drainage to shrink fat cells and lose inches. can be performed in the stomach, legs, butt, arms, chin and neck, or back


Avoid harmful uv rays & early aging, choose spray tanning instead! Get a natural glow in a wide range of shades to get slight color or a full dark deep color. Our formula is suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically approved. Our tanning spray hydrates the skin and is vitamin infused. It also contains extra- firming root & resin extract that works to smooth & tone skin. No traditional "tanner"scent. No blocked pores. Our sprays are also set with a body dryer so that you are completely dry and transfer free before leaving the salon. Can last up to 2 weeks, easily exfoliated without ever looking splotchy.

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Our skin sheds 30,000 dead skin cells every minute. Sometimes these build up and cause flaky or crusty skin. The build up clogs the pores. We also have tiny vellus hairs (peach fuzz) all over our faces that can trap dirt and debris. Skin resurfacing removes these dead skill cells and vellus hairs to reveal your true complexion. Smooth and glowing skin will be more attained after the resurfacing. Makeup will go on more flawlessly. Fine lines and acne scars will diminish. Say hello to a new YOU.
(getting rid of your peach fuzz will not make it grow back darker or thicker, this is a myth)

Eyebrows Makeup

Brows are the most important feature because they shape our face. We offer shaping(removal and shape by dermablade) tinting, & or henna color (lasts up to 4 weeks on hair, 2 weeks on skin), or traditional waxing. Shaping also includes trim if needed. 

Long Lashes

extensions not for you? enhance your very own lashes by giving them a lift and tint. Replicates the look of a full mascara look without having to apply mascara everyday. Lasts up to 6 weeks. Or opt for just the tint 

Facial Treatment

One of the best treatments you can do for the skin as it benefits all skin types and helps with many problems. The Holy Grail in esthetics. High Frequency machines use argon gas and heat sent through a glass probe that is placed on the skin to kill bacteria, increase collagen growth ,treat acne, improve fine lines and wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, reduce dark circles and eye puffiness, and reduce swelling. This machine also stimulates the skin to enhance blood flow and circulation. Hair high frequency can help with growth and is the ultimate "ahhhh" feeling 

Artificial Lashes

Double certified from 2 accredited lash schools,in both classic and volume lashes, We offer as natural or as full as you want. Free lash brush every appointment. Lasts up to 4 weeks, must refill within 2-3 weeks

Female white toothy smile

Everyone wants a bright white smile! Come relax for a 20 minute session😁 no painful cheek retractors or scary dentist! Tasteless and painless gum protectant is applied. 44% carbamide whitening gel is applied into a mouth tray. The tray is handed to the client to place into the mouth for maximum comfort. Uv blue light is turned on to activate the gel. After 20 minutes tray is removed and client will rinse. Bright white smile is revealed. Can be done again after one week. No food or drink besides water for 1 hour

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Services: HTML Embed
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