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Welcome to Fox Esthetics

At Fox Esthetics we take pride in our difference from other salons and esthetic practices. As my client, you will be one on one with a licensed aesthetician who cares about your goals and puts their heart and soul into every service and every client. My goal is to enhance your natural beauty and give you the ultimate relaxing experience. You will leave radiating with confidence.

   -Logan Fox Ducote, owner of Fox Esthetics & licensed Aesthetician 

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Conveniently located in the houston Webster area!

18301 Egret Bay Blvd B suite 13 Houston Tx 77058

Inside Salons D`allon on the 2nd floor

whenever you have arrived please look for Bonez and Piano Bar. In between there are 2 stair cases and an elevator. please use the right side to come up to level 2. you will see Salons D`allon on the right. Please come on in and enjoy complimentary water and coffee towards your left. We have beautiful bathrooms located towards the right (first hallway across from the business cards on the wall). You may also speak with our friendly receptionist for anything you may need. If you arrive early please relax and enjoy our comfortable waiting areas located in the front lobby and some throughout the hallways. If its time for your appointment please head towards the left side of the salon and come around to suite 13. If the door is open, come on in. If the door is closed, I may still be with a client, please do kindly wait in the sitting area directly in front of my suite if so. If you need assistance coming up to the salon or opening doors ( crutches, wheelchair, etc...) please do let me know ahead of time so I can come down to assist you safely.

Salons D`allon is a salon with many suites of professionals who specialize in different areas. Please consider us your one stop shop! visit the business card wall or to see the services and bios of the professionals, as well as links to book with them!

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